Al Bait Sharjah Hotel to Open in the UAE

General Hotel Management Ltd (GHM) has announced Sept. 1, 2018 as the opening date of Al Bait Sharjah, a 53-key property that celebrates the heritage of Arabia and that will stand as GHM’s second property on the peninsula after the award-winning Chedi Muscat. read more […]

Tesla’s website is down (TSLA) was intermittently offline Monday morning. The outage was reported by many users on Twitter and the issue was replicated by Business Insider staffers. An online service to check website outages,, confirmed the server was not responding. Tesla did not immediately respond to a […]

Born out of the financial crisis, bull market nears record

If U.S. stocks don’t drop significantly by the close of trading Wednesday, the bull market that began in March 2009 will have lasted nine years, five months and 13 days, a record that few would have predicted when the market struggled to find its footing […]

Heart attack warning – how to tell if you’re at risk by looking at your FEET

HEART attack symptoms can include chest pain, feeling sick, and extreme fatigue. But you could also be at risk of a deadly myocardial infarction if you have this “big” sign on your feet. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

Rupee rises 33 paise, rebounds from lifetime lows

This is the biggest single-day jump against the US dollar in seven weeks. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

Netflix’s 9 original romantic movies, ranked from worst to best by critics

In an age when major film studios have essentially killed off the once-thriving genre of romantic comedy, Netflix has been steadily filling a niche by producing original romantic comedies and dramas. Netflix’s latest, the romantic comedy “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” got an […]

Kevin Spacey’s new movie made only $126 on its opening day, with an estimated 6 people seeing it per theater this weekend

Kevin Spacey’s new movie, “Billionaire Boy’s Club,” premiered to an abysmal $126 on Friday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. THR estimates the movie made just over $600 the entire weekend in 11 theaters, and that an average of six people saw the movie in each […]

36 Hours: 36 Hours in Istria

Truffle aficionados aren’t the only ones who will appreciate this food lover’s paradise in northern Croatia. Ancient hill towns, craggy shorelines and a rich history are only a few of the peninsula’s other attractions. read more >>> Source:: The New York Times

Hulu’s ‘Minding the Gap’ is a ‘heartbreaking’ documentary about skateboarding and masculinity made from 12 years of footage, and has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

Critics are calling the Hulu documentary “Minding the Gap” one of the best movies of the year. The moving and challenging film compiles over 12 years of footage from director Bing Liu’s upbringing in Rockford, Illinois. In the documentary, Liu “searches for correlations between his […]

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms: Six signs you’re at risk of anaemia complications

VITAMIN B12 deficiency can lead to anaemia, where the body has fewer red blood cells than normal. Anaemia, no matter what it’s caused by, can lead to heart and lung complications, so what are the signs to recognise if you have a deficiency? read more […]

British Woman Fell Off Cruise Ship In Croatia, Treaded Water For 10 Hours To Stay Alive

Kay Longstaff, 46, was rescued from the Adriatic Sea by the Croatian coast guard on Sunday. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Greeks see little cause for joy as 8-year bailout era ends

For all the official pronouncements that Greece’s eight-year crisis will be over as its third and last bailout program ends Monday, few Greeks see cause for celebration. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Traditional Dutch pottery gets contemporary makeover

Euronews visited a traditional Delft Blue pottery workshop in the Netherlands to find out more about the unique creation of a renowned, audacious designer and a master artisan who continues to employ the time-honoured know-how dating back to the 17th century. read more >>> Source:: […]

At the start of every semester, a business school professor asks his students a question, and most everyone gets the answer dead wrong

Starting a business because you’re passionate about it isn’t always advisable, experts say. Too much enthusiasm can be unappealing to potential investors, who would rather see an entrepreneur who’s highly prepared. Passion can also lead to poor business decisions. Some research suggests that passion can […]

The Natftalan bath oil, Azerbaijan’s slick beauty treatment

The Naftalan bath oil is rich with Naftene carbohydrates, which produces a painkiller, an anti-inflammatory and also treats musculoskeletal and skin diseases. read more >>> Source:: EuroNews.Com

What the first day of school looks like in 12 countries around the world

Many American students are gearing up for their first day back to school. While the start of the school year differs by country, the first day back is normally a big day no matter where you’re from. It’s usually marked by excitement — or perhaps […]

Measles outbreak: Cases hit record high in Europe with 37 deaths so far this year

MEASLES has been sweeping Europe this year with over 41,000 children and adults being infected in the first six months. Recognising the rash and other symptoms can help stop spread the highly contagious virus. read more >>> Source:: The Daily Express

PepsiCo announces $3.2-billion purchase of SodaStream

Beverage giant PepsiCo on Monday purchased Israel’s fizzy drink maker SodaStream for $3.2 billion, with its chairman saying the companies should fit together well. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Rose McGowan’s ‘Heart Is Broken’ Over Sexual Assault Allegations Against Asia Argento

The Me Too movement figure was responding to a report that Argento had agreed to settle with her own underage accuser. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

4 bitcoin exchanges are taking a page out of the stock market’s playbook, and it could be a game changer for crypto

A group of cryptocurrency exchanges including the Winklevoss brothers’ Gemini are teaming up to form a new working group. The hope is that it could bring to fruition new industry standards that currently don’t exist for crypto and could make large investors more comfortable with […]

Measles cases hit record high in Europe

More than 41,000 people have been infected with measles in the first six months of 2018. read more >>> Source:: BBC

Mosquito bites: Can a G&T keep them at bay? Prof James Logan advises on best repellent

MOSQUITO bites can be extremely frustrating, and tend to be more common during this time of year. What is the best repellent to keep them at bay? A gin and tonic has been advised in the past but Professor James Logan took to this morning […]

The world’s biggest shipping company warns Trump’s trade war will hurt America more than anyone else

CEO of Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company, warns the impact of President Donald Trump’s trade war will be bigger in the US than anywhere else. It could knock 4% off US trade annually, Soren Skou said at an event in Denmark. The impact would […]

Get a plan before withdrawing from an RESP: financial advisers

When the time comes to start withdrawing money from RESP accounts to pay for tuition, books and other costs of a post-secondary education, financial advisers say you need a plan. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

GOLDMAN SACHS: The market is about to be redefined by one huge shift — and buying these 14 stocks can help you make a killing

The US dollar has been surprising strong this year amid Federal Reserve tightening and escalating global trade tensions, but Goldman Sachs says it’s due for a big reversal. The firm has identified 14 companies that it expects to outperform the broader market as this shift […]

Erdoğan: Currency crisis an “attack” on Turkey

Erdoğan: Currency crisis an “attack” on Turkey read more >>> Source:: EuroNews.Com

The Problem With School Lunch: How The Wealth Gap Is Shaming Students

The school lunch is symbolic of America’s socioeconomic and food disparities. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

It’s Time To Talk About All Those MMF Threesomes On TV

How television’s ménage à trois got a double dose of d**k. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Diabetes type 2 symptoms: Avoid these alcoholic drinks to keep blood sugar under control

DIABETES type 2 symptoms can be hard to spot and many people with the condition won’t realise they have it. But if this type of diabetes is left untreated it can lead to more serious health problems. Drinking certain types of alcohol can cause blood […]

Sacha Baron Cohen tried, and failed, to convince a former presidential candidate of a conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton is secretly a man

Howard Dean, former Vermont governor and Democratic presidential candidate, was the latest target on Sacha Baron Cohen’s satirical show “Who is America?” Cohen, posing as a conspiracy theorist, tried to get Dean to comment on rumors that Hillary Clinton is a man, and even showed […]

Favorite Place: My Armenia

A poet returns to his ancestral country where, after the recent “velvet revolution,” the sense of a new era is palpable. read more >>> Source:: The New York Times

Bed bug bites: Have you been bitten? Five signs to look for and how to get rid of them

BED bugs bites can cause great irritation, but unless you spot an infestation and get rid of them, the problem will keep occurring. Because bed bugs are difficult to spot, the best way to identify you have a problem is by looking at your bites. […]

Michael Shannon Explains Why He’d Never Play ‘That F**king Guy’ Trump

“The f**king guy doesn’t even know what’s in the Constitution. He doesn’t have any grasp of history or politics or law or anything.” read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Kandalaft to lead Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences One Dalton Street, Boston

In preparation for the debut of the second Four Seasons property in Boston, Reed Kandalaft has been appointed general manager of Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences One Dalton Street. read more >>> Source:: BreakingTravelNews.Com

Cruise ships rescue: How to survive for 10 hours in the water

Warm water, a calm head and being a woman can all work in your favour. read more >>> Source:: BBC

Lung cancer symptoms: Seven signs you need to visit your GP now

LUNG cancer symptoms usually begin to show as the condition progresses, with no indications in the early stages. But when they do become apparent the most common sign is a cough, particularly one that won’t go away or gets worse. There are seven symptoms of […]

Australian PM Scraps Plan to Legalize Carbon Emissions Cuts

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has abandoned plans to enshrine the nation’s targeted limits of greenhouse gas emissions into law in the face of an angry revolt by his party’s staunch conservatives. Australia set a target to cut carbon emissions by 26 percent below 2005 […]

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ dazzles with $34 million five-day opening

“This is one of those few projects that a whole studio comes together with lots of passion,” Jeff Goldstein of Warner Bros. said read more >>> Source:: EuroNews.Com

Report: Asia Argento Reached Settlement Deal With Sex Assault Accuser

Argento’s revelations about Harvey Weinstein persuaded actor Jimmy Bennett to come forward with claims against her. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Turkey’s Rating Cut Deeper Into Junk

The weakening of the lira is putting pressure on the indebted corporate sector read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

Dollar dips on trade optimism, US-China talks awaited

The strains pushed the dollar index to 96.984 last Wednesday, its highest since June 2017. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

‘I broke every bone in my face – and survived’

Tom Locke is one of 1,600 people alive today thanks to a change in the way the NHS works, a study suggests. read more >>> Source:: BBC

Ariana Grande Brought To Tears While Discussing Anxiety, Manchester Bombing

“We just have to be there for each other as much as we can,” the pop star said during an emotional interview. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

The US has more million-dollar real estate markets than ever — here are 23 cities where the typical home will be $1 million by next year

Home prices in the United States are still rising, pushing more and more cities into $1 million territory. Nearly 200 cities currently have a median home value of at least $1 million, and another 23 cities are projected to join the seven-figure club by summer […]

Books News: A New, Flourishing Literary Scene in the Real Shangri-La

The Kingdom of Bhutan, tucked away in the Himalayas, just got TV. Now it’s home to ambitious young authors who are telling their country’s stories for the first time, usually in English. read more >>> Source:: The New York Times

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