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2019 – A Deja Vu in Terms of Protests?

FILE - A statue of French historian and diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville is seen in the town of Saint-Lo, Normandy region, France, May 12, 2005.

It was a revolutionary year. In more than 50 countries spontaneous street alliances formed of disgruntled urban workers and left-behind rural folk.

Of course, there were dedicated reformers, ardent revolutionaries and hardened nationalists among them, too, and fearful governments tottering on the edge immediately accused them of causing all the trouble and of grasping at impossible theories of government or being manipulated by foreign enemies.

This year or 1848? The description could be used for either.

A hundred and seventy years ago, the ruling elite and European monarchies were at a loss to know how to deal with the turbulence and anger tearing read more >>>

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