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A CEO who writes 8,000 employee birthday cards a year just got the ultimate ‘thank you’

Yellen Birthday

  • BELFOR Holdings CEO Sheldon Yellen has made it a tradition to write a birthday card for every single employee at the company.
  • He now writes about 8,000 cards a year.
  • For Yellen’s birthday recently, each person in the company wrote a card to give to Yellen as a token of their appreciation.

Corny jokes and gag gifts often punctuate the average 60th-birthday party. But that wasn’t the case for Sheldon Yellen.

His gift was 8,000 birthday cards.

Yellen is the CEO of BELFOR Holdings, Inc., a billion-dollar disaster relief and property restoration company. Since 1985, long before Yellen became chief executive, he has written read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com