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A ‘reckoning’ is coming for self driving car startups says an early backer of Lyft. Here’s how the founder of Autotech Ventures is betting on the transportation shakeup.

Autotech Ventures Managing Director Quin Garcia

  • Autotech Ventures cofounder Quin Garcia is a big believer in next-generation car technologies, such as electric and autonomous vehicles.
  • But his venture fund has intentionally avoided backing startups that are developing electric or self-driving cars for the masses.
  • Such companies require massive investment and are many years away from delivering returns, he said.
  • But Autotech is finding ways to place bets in those areas and in other areas where the transportation sector is being transformed by technology, such as in a startup working on self-driving mining vehicles and another that’s built an online marketplace for auto repairs.
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    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com