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A Silicon Valley VC says a group of tech companies are quietly blowing away expectations while the spotlight shines on splashy IPOs like Lyft and Pinterest

Jai Das, president and managing director of Sapphire Ventures, as seen in a photograph from 2019

  • The initial public offerings of consumer tech startups such as Uber, Pinterest, and Lyft are generating a lot of buzz lately.
  • Enterprise software startups don’t spark the same kind of excitement, but they remain a central focus of venture-capital investing, said Jai Das, the president of Sapphire Ventures.
  • The market for enterprise software and services has grown larger than even Das and his colleagues expected.
  • He sees plenty of opportunity ahead for such companies.
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When it comes to tech startups going public, consumer-facing companies such as Lyft, Pinterest, and Uber are getting much of the read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com