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Are Texas Democrats on Super Tuesday Ready for a Socialist Presidential Candidate?

Republican Political Consultant Craig Murphy (l) discusses the Texas Primary with colleague Ross Hunt at Murphy Nasica. (VOA/Carolyn Presutti)

Asia Wright is in her second year of law school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She’s voting for the first time in a presidential election and says “duty and conviction” brought her out to the polls. She’s looking, she said, for a candidate in touch with the community, one who relies on a team to make decisions.

“I want someone who isn’t like (President Donald) Trump, who just thinks that they are the end-all and they know everything,” she said. In early voting, Wright chose former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

But Sunday evening, Buttigieg suspended his campaign and read more >>>

Source:: VOANews.Com