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Australian graphic design startup Canva raised $85 million, just five months after its last $70 million round. Its CEO explains the strategy behind raising so fast.

Melanie Perkins

  • On Wednesday, graphic design startup Canva announced $85 million in Series E funding led by existing investor Bond Capital.
  • The new funding comes just five months after Canva raised a $70 million Series D round, also led by Mary Meeker’s Bond Capital.
  • When Canva raised that Series D round, it was valued at $2.5 billion. With this new round, less than six months later, it’s now valued at $3.2 billion. That’s an increase in value of something like $5 million per day in between the two announcements.
  • Canva cofounder and CEO Melanie Perkins told Business Insider that the Australian startup read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com