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Punish patients who miss appointments with £5 says GP

PATIENTS who fail to turn up for appointments should be charged £5, one of the UK’s leading doctors last night said. Family GP Dr Sarah Jarvis said she had “begun to think the unthinkable” by suggesting cash penalties should be imposed on no-shows as the NHS faces increasing demands and strain. read more >>>

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Members of Tesla’s board of directors are lawyering up as crisis around Elon Musk deepens (TSLA)

Elon Musk

  • Some members of Tesla’s board of directors are hiring lawyers to protect themselves in the ongoing fallout from CEO Elon Musk’s public declarations about taking the company private.
  • Fellow board members are also urging Musk to cool it with the public statements about a go-private deal, according to a New York Times story published Tuesday night.
  • By all appearances, Musk has ignored that advice.
  • In the days since he tweeted that a privatization deal was “funding secured,” the chief executive has only waded further into murky legal territory, seemingly hashing out the plan in real time, on Tesla’s blog and on social read more >>>

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I’m helping my best friend through a terrifying illness after her baby, says Adele

SUPERSTAR singer Adele told yesterday how she is helping her best friend battle through a terrifying mental illness that struck her after giving birth. Adele is godmother to Laura Dockrill’s six-month-old son and said on Instagram that the new mum is fighting the depressive illness postpartum psychosis. read more >>>

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Colbert Has A Savage Response To Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Latest Defense Of Trump

Huckabee Sanders said she “can’t guarantee” that Trump had never used a racist epithet. read more >>>

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Wisconsin Democrats Will Run On Education Against Gov. Scott Walker

State schools superintendent Tony Evers will challenge Walker in November’s race. read more >>>

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Alarm over the £99 Botox jabs in high street stores

EXPERTS voiced fears yesterday over plan to offer Botox and filler treatments in high street shops. Superdrug launched the service yesterday in its flagship store in the Strand, London, amid rising demand for skin rejuvenation treatments, with prices starting at £99. read more >>>

Source:: The Daily Express

Experts: Hail Damage Is Worse, but Climate Role Uncertain

Hailstorms inflict billions of dollars’ worth of damage yearly in North America alone, and the cost will rise as the growing population builds more homes, offices and factories, climate and weather experts said Tuesday.

The role of climate change in hailstorms is harder to assess, the experts said at a conference at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.

Climate change will most likely make large hailstorms worse, but population growth is more of a certainty, said Andreas Prein, a climate modeling scientist at the atmospheric research center.

“We know pretty certain that we will have more people in the future, read more >>>

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How the humble cabbage can stop cancers

Researchers reveal how chemicals in some vegetables can prevent bowel cancer. read more >>>

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Warren Buffett’s firm adds to Apple, Teva investments

Investor Warren Buffett’s company added to its stakes in Apple and Israeli drugmaker Teva Pharmaceuticals in the second quarter while tweaking several of its other stock investments. read more >>>

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MoviePass has less than two months left before it runs out of cash — and its latest changes won’t save it (HMNY)


  • MoviePass’ parent company, Helios and Matheson, has less than two months of cash left at the rate it was burning through its funds in the second quarter.
  • Even if it was able to reduce its burn rate as much as executives have stated, it still would have less than a month’s worth of cash.
  • When it’s run low on funds in the past, Helios and Matheson has repeatedly issued and sold new shares to raise cash.
  • But that tactic may be coming to an end; it already increased its share count by more than 9,000% in the last two weeks, and its read more >>>

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Congo Deploys Experimental Ebola Treatment as Cases Rise

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has started using the experimental mAb114 Ebola treatment to counter the latest flare-up of the virus, health officials said Tuesday, the first time it has been deployed against an active outbreak.

Forty-two people are believed to have died from the hemorrhagic fever in Congo’s 10th Ebola outbreak since the disease was discovered in the 1970s.

In all, there have been 66 cases to date, including 39 confirmed and 27 probable, the health ministry said Tuesday evening, an increase of nine confirmed cases since Monday.

The outbreak has spread from its epicenter in North Kivu province to read more >>>

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Bringing up your baby as a vegan

Laceinne Cooper is raising her child on a plant-based diet. She explains how and why. read more >>>

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Billionaire investor George Soros made a big bet on music streaming services, and it looks like it’s paying off (SPOT, P)

george soros

  • Billionaire George Soros’ firm made big bets on the music-streaming industry in the second quarter, according to regulatory filings.
  • Soros Investment Management took stakes now worth $178.7 in newly-public Spotify and Pandora, the documents showed.

Billionaire investor George Soros bet big on music-streaming platforms in the second quarter.

His fund, Soros Fund Management, bought 728,700 shares of Spotify currently valued at $122.6 million in the second quarter, according to documents filed Tuesday. It also loaded up on 7.12 million shares of Pandora stock currently valued at $56.1 million, the filing showed. That’s a read more >>>

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Georgia Teen Attached College Wish List To Balloons. Miles Away, A Pastor Took Action.

Mykehia Curry, a student from Macon, needed help with dorm supplies. So she sent a prayer up to the sky. read more >>>

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Alberta Metis vote to support Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion through B.C.

An organization that represents Metis in Alberta says it supports the expansion of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline through B.C. read more >>>

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Why TV speakers suck

Each year TV picture quality improves, but the sound quality has not followed suit. As TVs get thinner and bezels get smaller, manufacturers start to sacrifice audio quality. Following is a transcript of the video.

You just paid a ton of money for a brand new 4K TV. You get it home, you get it set up, it’s mounted on the wall, you turn it on, you bring up Netflix, you put a movie on, and you can barely hear the dialogue. Modern TVs improve their image quality every year. So why doesn’t the sound quality improve too?

Well, TV manufacturers don’t read more >>>

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Turkey crisis contagion fears persist: ‘These things can turn on a dime’

turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

  • Global markets have stabilized after initial fears that Turkey’s crisis would spread to other emerging economies or even Europe — but that does mean the danger is over.
  • Turkey plays a key geopolitical role as a NATO member that makes any threats to its stability even more important to its neighbors.
  • Investors fear the crisis could spread to other vulnerable emerging states like South Africa and Argentina, while some European banks hold substantial exposure to Turkish assets.

Turkey’s deepening currency run, which some analysts worry may soon morph into a debt repayments crisis, has a good chance of affecting other key markets read more >>>

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The rise of Sean Rad, who served as Tinder CEO twice and is now taking on Match Group and IAC in a $2 billion lawsuit (IAC)

Sean Rad

Tinder founder Sean Rad has had a tumultuous few years.

When Tinder launched in 2012, it was a near-instant success. The dating app made over a million matches in less than two months, became a sensation on college campuses, and gained recognition from tech’s elite. Six years after launch, the company is valued around $3 billion and is one of the highest-grossing apps in the App Store.

But Tinder also had its share of troubles. One of its cofounders, Whitney Wolfe, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against another cofounder, Justin Mateen. Rad stepped down from his post as CEO, only to read more >>>

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Uncertainty looms over Canada’s cannabis tourism

A former dispensary owner who anticipates an influx of visitors eager to try Canadian weed once recreational use is legalized Oct. 17 says he’s disappointed by a lack of support from government to back entrepreneurs like him read more >>>

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An elite private school that costs $60,000 a year is at the center of the political world right now thanks to alums Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch — take a look inside

georgetown prep

  • Georgetown Preparatory School in Bethesda, Maryland, is the alma mater of both Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
  • The private school costs between $37,000 and $60,000 a year and features a recording studio, a swimming pool and a nine-hole golf course.
  • Georgetown Prep is one of the most elite boarding schools in the country, with an acceptance rate of just 23%.

Georgetown Preparatory School isn’t your average high school.

Located in suburban Bethesda, Maryland, Georgetown Prep’s 93-acre campus features perks like a recording studio, a swimming pool and a nine-hole golf course. A year’s tuition at the all-boys read more >>>

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Amadeus Acquires TravelClick for $1.52bn

Addition of TravelClick’s cloud-based solutions for mid-chain and independent hotels will enable Amadeus to reach all segments of the market with an enhanced portfolio. read more >>>

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Guinness opens its first US brewery in 60 years

US fans of Guinness won’t have to travel to Ireland to indulge in a fresh pint: Guinness just opened a $90 million brewery in Baltimore, USA Today reports. read more >>>

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‘Little Women’ Reboot May Star Laura Dern, Meryl Streep And We’re Unwell

Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novel features an all-star cast. read more >>>

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Governmentt attributes rupee fall to external factors, says nothing to worry

“Rupee is depreciating due to external factors… nothing at this stage to worry,” Garg said, adding that external factors may ease going forward. read more >>>

Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

The asset manager behind one of the first blockchain ETFs is preparing a $100 million crypto hedge fund even as the market sheds billions


  • Reality Shares, the tiny asset manager known for its blockchain exchange-traded fund, is preparing to launch a $100 million cryptocurrency hedge fund.
  • It joins a crowded market of over 300 such funds.

Even as the market for digital currencies sheds billion, corners of Wall Street are still hot on the burgeoning new asset class.

Reality Shares, the tiny asset manager known for its blockchain-focused exchange-traded fund, is preparing to launch a $100 million cryptocurrency hedge fund.

The California-based firm saw its assets under management increase by more than $100 million after its blockchain-ETF started trading earlier this year. Now, the read more >>>

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Vitamin B12 deficiency warning – five signs you should take supplements

VITAMIN B12 deficiency symptoms can take years to show up, and patients may not even know they’re at risk of the condition. These are the warning signs of a deficiency that indicate you should add more B12 foods to your diet. read more >>>

Source:: The Daily Express

Here are the 50 smartest colleges in America

Caltech grad

  • There are plenty of college rankings and ways to find out the best colleges in the US.
  • These colleges enroll the smartest students in the country, according to SAT and ACT scores.
  • California Institute of Technology took the top spot, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Which schools have the brightest young minds in the nation?

To find out, we asked Jonathan Wai, Assistant Professor and Endowed Chair at the University of Arkansas. He created a ranking exclusively for Business Insider of the smartest US colleges and universities based on the schools’ average standardized test scores.

While these read more >>>

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Hotel Construction Pipeline for the Middle East Increases 27.5 Percent for July 2017

The Middle East room construction total represented a 27.5% increase compared with July 2017. The Africa room construction total represented a 7.1% decrease compared with July 2017. read more >>>

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Tinder founders, execs file suit against IAC and Match Group

The founders of the dating app Tinder have filed a lawsuit against IAC/InterActiveCorp and its Match Group subsidiary for allegedly manipulating financial information, hurting Tinder’s valuation and unlawfully getting rid of stock options. read more >>>

Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Duarte Correia Named General Manager for Mandarin Oriental Canouan

Most recently, Correia led the rebranding of Essque Zalu Resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania. read more >>>

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Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock’ is a ‘Stranger Things’ for the Stephen King horror universe that was just renewed for season 2

castle rock

  • Hulu’s new horror series, “Castle Rock,” was just renewed for a second season.
  • It’s the closest Hulu has gotten to its own “Stranger Things,” as it is heavily inspired by the work of Stephen King and relies on a sense of nostalgia akin to the Netflix hit.
  • “Castle Rock” isn’t as flashy as “Stranger Things,” but with the works of King at its disposal, it doesn’t have to be.
  • The show has an impressive cast that includes Andre Holland, Scott Glenn, Sissy Spacek, and Terry O’Quinn.

Hulu must feel confident with its new Stephen King-inspired original series, “Castle Rock,” as it just r<a target="_blank" read more >>>

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Amy Schumer Celebrates Marriage Milestone With A Fart Joke, Of Course

Ah, the smell of love. read more >>>

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The Plaza, New York’s Iconic Hotel Improves Uniform Operations by Implementing RFID Technology

The Plaza Upgrades to RFID Technology using InvoTech Uniform System read more >>>

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Watch: Slovenians gather to set Guinness World Record in scything

Some 570 people gathered to participate in the event, with Slovenian President Borut Pahor also in attendance. read more >>>

Source:: EuroNews.Com

Migraines: More women suffer than men ‘due to oestrogen and other sex hormones’

MORE women suffer migraine than men due to oestrogen and other sex hormones, according to a new study. read more >>>

Source:: The Daily Express

The world’s largest hedge fund loads up on Alibaba (BABA)

ray dalio

  • Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund that oversees $150 billion in assets under management, bought $15.7 million worth of Alibaba shares during the second quarter, regulatory filings show.
  • Alibaba is one of the stocks included in the “FAANG+BAT” basket.
  • Watch Alibaba trade in real time here.

Bridgewater Associates, the $150 billion hedge fund founded by Ray Dalio, bought 84,629 shares of Alibaba in the second quarter, worth $15.7 million, according to regulatory documents filed Tuesday. A back of the envelope calculation shows the stake was established at an average price of $185.52.

Alibaba is one of the market’s most read more >>>

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This Island Has Been Named The ‘World’s Best’ And We’ve Got The Photos To Prove It

Warning: Serious wanderlust ahead. read more >>>

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Dementia breakthrough as scientists discover genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease

NEW GENES that may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease have been identified by scientists. read more >>>

Source:: The Daily Express

Tinder’s founders are suing Match Group and IAC saying they’ve been ripped off — and they’re seeking at least $2 billion in damages (IAC, MTCH)

sean rad

A group of early Tinder employees, including cofounders Sean Rad and Jonathan Badeen, announced on Tuesday that they filed a lawsuit against InterActiveCorp and Match Group, the owners of Tinder.

They’re alleging that IAC undervalued Tinder, and used a lowball valuation based on false information to reduce the value of stock options that early employees and founders held.

The Tinder team received written contracts in 2014 outlining stock options as well as four dates they could exercise them, according to Tuesday’s complaint.

But they allege that ahead of the first exercise date, in May 2017, IAC valued Tinder at $3 billion, and merged read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com

Mood Kill: Real life mental health stories inspire new play

A writer’s father opens up for the first time after she rewrote her show to encompass his mental health. read more >>>

Source:: BBC

Rupee may not recover from 70 level anytime soon

For the week, the USD-INR pair is expected to quote in the range of 69 and 70 levels. read more >>>

Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

Toronto stocks higher, while U.S. markets also gain; Loonie moves up

The financial, energy and telecom sectors helped Canada’s main stock index higher in late-morning trading. read more >>>

Source:: CTVNews.Ca

9 Things Every Teacher Wishes Parents Knew

1. Parents are their child’s primary role models. read more >>>

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Russell Simmons Requests Nearly $35,000 From Rape Accuser And Lawyer In Legal Fees

Simmons’ attorneys filed a motion to impose sanctions on his rape accuser and her lawyer. read more >>>

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These are the countries most at risk if Turkey’s lira crash spirals into a debt crisis

Pedestrians walk past an electronic board showing currency exchange rates in Buenos Aires' financial district, Argentina, June 29, 2018. REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian

  • The collapse of the Turkish lira and the strong dollar have hit emerging market currencies globally.
  • If the trend continues, countries may start to have trouble paying back dollar-denominated debts.
  • Analysts say Argentina, Pakistan, South Africa, and Colombia are among those most at risk.

LONDON — The collapse of the Turkish lira against the dollar is the focus of global markets but emerging market currencies are getting hammered across the board and there are concerns that the issue could spiral from a currency crisis into a debt crisis.

The Indian rupee hit an all-time low against the dollar overnight, the South African read more >>>

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