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Billionaire activist Carl Icahn is reportedly betting on the death of the mall — and could make $400 million if things go his way

carl icahn

  • Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is piling into a massive bet against malls and could see a $400 million windfall if shopping center owners default on their loans, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.
  • Icahn has already lost millions on the short trade, but he plans to hold his position and may even add to the stake, people familiar with the investment told WSJ.
  • The investor’s trade involves credit-default swaps tied to the mortgage-based CMBX 6 index. Should malls included in the index default on their debt, Icahn could see his investment’s value skyrocket.
  • The swaps are similar to those made famous by read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com