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Club fights, mystical $2 bills, and Spike Lee: We chatted with ‘Uncut Gems’ breakout stars Kevin Garnett and Julia Fox

Uncut Gems 3 A24

  • Though Kevin Garnett and Julia Fox had never starred in a movie before “Uncut Gems,” they both were huge scene stealers.
  • Business Insider spoke to both of them about their performances in the Adam Sandler movie.
  • Garnett revealed that Spike Lee wanted him for the role of Jesus Shuttlesworth in his movie “He Got Game” before casting Ray Allen.
  • The NBA great also talked about the major superstitions he had while playing, including having a folded up $2 bill inside his sneaker his rookie year.
  • Fox explained the scene in “Uncut Gems” that hit closest to her own life’s experiences.
  • “Uncut Gems” is currently playing read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com