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Cristiano Ronaldo has never reached a Champions League semi-final the same year a ‘Toy Story’ film has been released

Cristiano Ronaldo and toy Story

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has failed to reach the UEFA Champions League semi-final for just the second time in 12 years.
  • And there may be a curse at play.
  • A data cruncher on Twitter has suggested the “Toy Story” franchise is to blame, as the Portuguese striker comes up short whenever Pixar releases a new movie.
  • The curse is eerily similar to the sports jinx that haunts Drake, who seemingly curses whichever team or athlete he lends his support to.
  • Fortunately for Ronaldo and his team Juventus, there are currently no plans to release another “Toy Story” movie.
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    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com