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Data analytics company Datadog soared 39% on its first day of public trading. The CEO says its next big thing is hiring: ‘I spend my days making sure we hire people well.’ (DDOG)

Datadog IPO

  • Data analytics company Datadog went public on Thursday, and its stock rose 39% in the first day of trading.
  • DataDog was last valued privately at $7.83 billion, but should see a richer valuation than that when the markets open on Friday.
  • Datadog co-founder and CEO Olivier Pomel says that hiring is the company’s top priority with the IPO out of the way.
  • He also said that DataDog’s roadshow took an unusual turn: The company interviewed potential investors to make sure they understood what they were getting themselves into.
  • Pomel says that Datadog’s focus on making its products accessible to read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com