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Dozens Dead after Typhoon Hagibis Hits Central and Eastern Japan

Local residents are rescued by Japapnese Defence-Force soldiers from a flooded area caused by Typhoon Hagibis in Kakuda, Miyagi prefecture, Japan, Oct.13, 2019, in this photo taken by Kyodo.

Rescue crews in Japan are digging through mudslides and scouring areas near swollen rivers as they look for victims of Typhoon Hagibis, which left dozens of people dead and caused widspread damage in the country’s central and northern regions.

The typhoon, which made landfall on Saturday, also caused flooding that left some roads submerged with muddy water. Some homes were inundated with up to three meters of water as Hagibis pounded at least eight prefectures. The storm was reported to have 225 kilometer-per-hour winds.

Authorities said 110,000 rescue workers have been deployed for hurricane relief. The numbers include close to 30,000 members read more >>>

Source:: VOANews.Com