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Geopolitical risk is creeping back into the markets

FILE PHOTO: A worker checks the valve of an oil pipe at Al-Sheiba oil refinery in the southern Iraq city of Basra, Iraq, April 17, 2016. REUTERS/Essam Al-Sudani/File Photo

Geopolitical risk has been creeping back into the markets.

Most recently, we’ve seen a flurry of headlines about the situations in North Korea and Qatar, and there are unknowns about the state of US-Russia relations.

as well as regarding on-going uncertainties the US-Russia relationship.

And geopolitical risk indices are now at elevated levels relative to the last 100 years, according to chart shared by a Bernstein Energy & Power team led by Oswlad Clint, citing data from the Federal Reserve Board.

They aren’t at the levels of WWI and WWII, or even 9/11 and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. But read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com

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