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Google’s ambitious push into gaming is floundering, and it’s due largely to too few games on its Stadia platform — here’s why developers have held back (GOOGL)

Google Stadia

  • Last November, Google finally launched a major gaming platform that was in development for years: Google Stadia.
  • Instead of having to buy games on a disc or download them from a digital store, Stadia users stream games over the internet — for customers willing to pay $130 for the “premiere edition.”
  • But the platform’s launch was rocky at best, with missing features and a paltry game library. Months later, Stadia’s game library still remains sparse.
  • We spoke with game developers and publishers who said there are two main reasons their games aren’t on Stadia: Google didn’t offer them enough money, and read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com