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Meet Cherry Seaborn, the 25-year-old hockey player and former risk strategist who just got engaged to Ed Sheeran

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  • Ed Sheeran proposed to his long-term girlfriend Cherry Seaborn over Christmas.
  • Sheeran announced their engagement via Instagram on Saturday afternoon.
  • Sheeran and Seaborn first met back at school but didn’t start dating until 2015.
  • The pair bumped into each other by chance at a bar in New York while Sheeran was touring.

Ed Sheeran may be best known for wooing the world with his romantic pop hits, but now the singer-songwriter is officially off-limits.

26-year-old Sheeran announced his engagement to 25-year-old hockey player and former risk strategist Cherry Seaborn on Saturday afternoon via an Instagram post. The photo — a polaroid of the pair cuddling read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com