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Mike Bloomberg’s new plan to crack down on Wall Street echoes those of Bernie Sanders and AOC

FILE PHOTO: Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg speaks during a campaign event at the Bessie Smith Cultural Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, U.S. February 12, 2020.  REUTERS/Doug Strickland/File Photo

  • Bloomberg rolled out a plan to crack down on Wall Street that mirrors proposals from Sanders and AOC, notably the inclusion of a financial transactions tax.
  • It calls for tougher oversight of the largest Wall Street banks and to strengthen consumer protection laws.
  • It’s a reversal from Bloomberg’s past stance on financial regulation, as he warned Democrats against taking “punitive actions” on Wall Street that could harm the economy while serving as New York City mayor in 2010.
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Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg on Tuesday unveiled his plan on crack down on Wall Street. read more >>>

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