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Montreal Bids Farewell to Its Horse-Drawn Carriages

Coachwoman Nathalie Matte, 52, who's about to lose her job after Montreal's horse-drawn carriages will be taken off the roads…

To tourists they are a time-honored, charming way of seeing the sights, but animal rights activists say Montreal’s horse-drawn carriages are a cruel and unnecessary relic of yesteryear.

A longstanding feud between the coachmen and their critics looks set to end however with the unique mode of transport set to disappear from the streets of Canada’s second city by year-end.

“You can pet him if you want,” Nathalie Matte tells onlookers attracted to her hoofed beast with its flowing mane and tail.

Coachwoman Nathalie Matte, 52, who will lose her job when Montreal’s horse-drawn carriages are taken off the roads Dec. 31, read more >>>

Source:: VOANews.Com