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More than 40 current and former Bloomberg LP employees reveal the company’s abusive ‘trading floor’ culture, where Mike Bloomberg and his colleagues allegedly called women ‘SFUs’ for ‘short fat and ugly,’ and women complained about a senior newsroom leader’s unwanted massages for years.

Bloomberg speaks at a a campaign rally in Oklahoma City.

  • Mike Bloomberg insisted from the presidential debate stage that wrongdoers at his company would be “gone that day.” But at least one senior Bloomberg News editor accused of misconduct remained in his job long after women raised internal complaints, a Business Insider investigation has found.
  • More than a dozen former Bloomberg News insiders told Business Insider that former Washington editor Al Hunt was abusive toward staff and touched women inappropriately, and survived in his role for years despite repeated complaints and two financial settlements.
  • Hunt denies touching women inappropriately. Asked about the accusations, a Bloomberg spokesperson said there are “certainly instances where read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com