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My fiancé and I have saved over $100,000, traveled, bought a house, and built wealth — all thanks to a change we made 2 years ago

Bethany McCamish

  • Bethany McCamish is a freelance writer and designer who lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her fiancé, an electrical engineer.
  • It took time for the couple to get on the same page financially. Once they discovered FIRE (financial Independence, retire early), they started to have open conversations about their spending habits and goals.
  • Together, they bring home an average of $11,500 a month and their budget gives every dollar a job. They put a minimum of $1,400 a month toward student loan debt and about $4,900 into savings and investments.
  • McCamish said they didn’t feel “wealthy” until they gained read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com