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Prada just reached a settlement after its 2018 blackface controversy that’ll mandate ‘racial equity training’ for employees — including the C-suite in Milan. But for some, that’s not enough.

Prada runway

  • Three black entrepreneurs and professionals with ties to the fashion industry spoke to Business Insider about Prada’s settlement with the New York City Commission on Human Rights.
  • As part of the settlement, the commission instructed Prada to work toward diversifying its workforce, in addition to mandating that Prada’s Milan-based executives and New York-based employees undergo sensitive and “racial equity” training, The New York Times‘ Vanessa Friedman reported.
  • Stylist and fashion editor Mecca James-Williams told Business Insider that the black community still “need[s] these acts of non-discrimination” in order to ensure they’re treated fairly in work environments.
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    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com