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Private equity firms like Warburg, Blackstone and Ares are embracing something they once shunned: the selling of their own investors’ stakes. Here’s what 5 insiders say is driving the explosive growth of this nearly $100 billion market.

Stephen Schwarzman Blackstone

  • Once considered taboo among private equity firms, the buying and selling of their investor stakes is now being embraced across the industry.
  • Some firms are helping coordinate the sale of their own investors’ stakes, while other asset managers such as Blackstone and Carlyle, have gotten into the business themselves and are expanding their ranks.
  • This year, the growing size of market came to the fore when the largest secondaries deal ever was reported in May.
  • By year’s end, the volume of deals in this so-called secondaries market will be nearly $100 billion, analysts forecast, a 35 percent increase from last read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com