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Rajat Gupta is out of jail but still has some high-profile grudges. The ex-McKinsey head’s book reveals his beefs with Lloyd Blankfein and Preet Bharara and celebrates his former life among the global elite.

Rajat Gupta

  • Former McKinsey leader Rajat Gupta was one of the biggest names facing criminal prosecution following the global financial crisis, as he was tied to billionaire hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam’s insider trading case.
  • In a book released earlier this year, Gupta still proclaims his innocence, blaming his conviction on the political environment in the country following the housing crisis; an aggressive federal prosecutor; and his “biggest regret of his life”: not testifying at his own trial.
  • The book, called “Mind Without Fear”, details Gupta’s life, from his childhood in India, to Harvard Business School, McKinsey, the United Nations, and eventually, a read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com