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Since interest rates dropped in September, most high-yield savings accounts require more money and more fees, but a few of them are still a great deal

best high-yield savings rates

  • The best high-yield savings accounts are those earning at least a 2% annual percentage yield (APY).
  • While there are a handful of accounts that offer over 2% APY right now, Wealthfront’s Cash Account and Betterment’s Everyday Savings account are the best options for new savers or those with low balances.
  • Betterment requires a $10 initial deposit and Wealthfront requires a $1 initial deposit to open a high-yield savings account. Both accounts are fee-free and allow unlimited transfers.
  • Wealthfront and Betterment may also be particularly attractive to anyone looking to segue into robo-investing.
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Source:: BusinessInsider.Com