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Kids across the US are eating fewer whole grains and more sugary milk in school lunches. See how federal rules have changed for the worse.

More sugary chocolate milk, fewer whole grains, and around 300 extra milligrams of salt — these are just some of the ways the Trump Administration has relaxed school-lunch nutrition rules put in place during the Obama Administration. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, who heads the US […]

An ‘(Unintentional) Grinch’ Tried To Ban Christmas From The Classroom

Manchester Elementary School principal Jennifer Sinclair told teachers she came “from a place that Christmas and the like are not allowed in schools.” read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

The 50 most expensive top private high schools in America

Sending a child to a top private high school can be expensive. We found the most expensive institutions among Niche’s ranking of the top 150 private high schools in the United States. Sending a child to a top private high school can be expensive. We […]

Antiquated Or Integral? Ohio Students May Soon Have To Learn Cursive

Under a new curriculum, students would be required to master the craft by the end of elementary school. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

My Son Is A ‘Gifted Child.’ Here’s Why Raising Him Has Been Anything But Easy.

The gifted-kid journey is a lonely one filled with guilt and worry. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

This Is Why I’m Pledging To Make The Solar Industry More Diverse

“It will take a concerted, conscious effort to create the change we are looking for.” read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Teacher Claims Catholic School Fired Her For Getting Pregnant Before Marriage

The Diocese of Harrisburg reportedly decided to fire Naiad Reich over issues of morality — months after it was accused of covering up decades of child abuse. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

These Three Women Are Changing The Way We Think About Education

Their unconventional and holistic approaches to learning are impacting entire families for the better. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

This Is Why We Say ‘Scot-Free’ (And Not ‘Scott Free’)

Trump’s tweet about Michael Cohen raised a few questions. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Almost 80% of the textbook industry is dominated by 5 publishing companies that make books so expensive most students skip buying them

Textbook costs overall have risen 67% from 2008 to 2018 — some four year college students spend close to $500 a year on textbooks. Almost 80% of the textbook industry is dominated by five publishing companies — Pearson Education, Scholastic, McGraw-Hill Education, Cengage Learning, Houghton […]

To Make A Difference, CEOs Must Make Diversity & Inclusion Personal

Taking a stand is more important now than ever before. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

This Dance Studio Inspires Kids With Special Needs To Dance Their Way Through Life

Instructor Michelle Roberts and dance studio Miracles in Motion bring joy and movement to kids’ lives. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

This Professor Teaches Journalism At A Top UK University. He’s Also A 9/11 Truther.

Piers Robinson is also the co-director of the university’s Organisation for Propaganda Studies. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Students Protest University Of North Carolina’s $5 Million Plan For Toppled Confederate Statue

Hundreds gathered on the Chapel Hill campus to voice their opposition to a new building that would house “Silent Sam.” read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

The Tough Road From Foster Care To College

Western Michigan University is one of several colleges that have started programs to help foster youth earn degrees read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

New Complaint Targets School That Banned Child With Dreadlocks

HuffPost previously found that schools in Florida’s voucher programs often have racist hair policies. Now groups like the ACLU and NAACP Legal Defense Fund are fighting back. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

A college coach who used to read applications at Yale says most students should think twice before enrolling in an Ivy League

Is an Ivy League degree worth the cost? According to a former Yale application reader and the founder and CEO of college-counseling firm IvyWise, it’s worth considering whether you’re getting financial aid. A student’s education comes down to what they make of their experience on […]

Betsy DeVos’ New Title IX Regulations Will Only Hurt Female Student Athletes

Anyone who cares about ending abuse within collegiate athletic departments should be very worried. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Facebook and Apple are backing a new course that gives kids college credit for learning to code — and it’s the fastest growing AP course ever (AAPL, FB, AMZN)

Big companies like Apple, Facebook and Amazon are supporting a new AP level computing course for high school students. The course was designed to attract a broader group of students into the field and to ameliorate the industry’s so-called pipeline problem. Many engineers and software […]

Here’s what Sergey Brin’s resume looked like back in 1996, two years before he cofounded Google (GOOG, GOOGL)

These days, Sergey Brin is one of the wealthiest and most powerful people in tech. But back in 1996, Brin was a lot like any other Ph.D. candidate — on paper, at least. Brin’s resume, which was last updated more than 20 years ago, is […]

15 Brands That Give Back On Giving Tuesday 2018

Giving back never looked so good. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Ivanka Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook visited an Idaho school to promote the benefits of Apple products for education (AAPL)

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump are visiting schools in Idaho on Tuesday, as part of a join White House initiative to further STEM education. Local media captured video of both Cook and Trump arriving at Wilder Elementary, where they were greeted by a […]

Simple Strategies To Promote Diversity & Inclusion

These are some of the methods we’ve used to create and sustain a diverse and inclusive workplace. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

20 US colleges where financial aid could be better, according to students

With the cost of college at an all-time high, it’s important to take into consideration what’s being offered in a financial aid package. The Princeton Review ranked the top 20 colleges that offer the least amount of financial aid based on student responses. More than […]

One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Bright Future

These difference makers are repurposing would-be waste to enrich their communities, and the environment is better for it. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Melania Trump’s ‘Be Best’ White House Ornaments Lead To Christmas Jeer

Twitter users mock the first lady’s “Be Best” ornaments. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

14 people share the best advice they’ve ever received from a teacher

As we grow up, our teachers share significant wisdom and advice with us. Whether we learn specific lessons or we absorb their words through osmosis, what we gain from them becomes invaluable. Here, 14 people share the best advice they’ve ever received from a teacher. […]

In California, A County Of Children Without Schools

Schools have been out in Butte County since fires tore through the area. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

One School’s Mission To Teach Kids Whose Lives Have Been Hijacked By Trauma

A South Bronx school started by a child welfare agency has gradually found answers for educating youth in foster care read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Texas Students Will Soon Learn That Slavery Played ‘Central Role’ In Sparking Civil War

The Texas Board of Education has approved revisions to social studies curriculums, but some educators say the changes don’t go far enough. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Biology Student Uses BTS Members To Explain Parts Of The Animal Cell

Now it all makes sense. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Corporate America Still Lacks Leaders Of Color — And That’s A Problem

“Why aren’t our corporate leaders a better reflection of our diverse employees, customers and communities?” read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Meet The First Undocumented Immigrant Rhodes Scholar In History

Jin Park, the son of a line cook and nail salon worker, moved to the U.S. from South Korea when he was 7 years old. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Swastika Found Painted Over Pittsburgh Memorial At Duke University

Jewish students were shocked to find a memorial they created for the Pittsburgh synagogue victims vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Why You Should Teach Your Kids The Real Words For Private Parts

Using cutesy language can do more harm than good. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

This Teen Dreamed Of Being Turned ‘Into A Girl.’ They Were Just Crowned Homecoming Queen.

Dylan Ligier says receiving the honor has encouraged them to continue transitioning. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

This team of 17-year-old high-school seniors in California created a device that could help prevent future wildfires

Sanjana Shah and Aditya Shah are seniors at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California who have created a device for helping predict and prevent wildfires. Their device, dubbed the “Smart Wildfire Sensor,” captures photos of nearby fallen branches and leaves (known as “fuel”) and […]

Why It’s Important To Keep Our Educational Borders Open

Closing off our educational borders will make our world smaller and less compassionate. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Michael Bloomberg Donates $1.8 Billion To Johns Hopkins University For Financial Aid

The record gift aims to open the “door of opportunity” for lower- and middle-income students. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Meet this year’s 32 genius American Rhodes scholars — including a record-setting 21 women

Thirty-two American students have been offered the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University in the fall of 2019. This year’s group includes 21 women, which is the most ever in a single Rhodes class; almost half of the 32 winners are immigrants or […]

Here’s how we ranked the most underrated colleges in America

Business Insider recently ranked the most underrated colleges in America. The ranking is based on a comparison of the schools’ US News & World Report ranking with post-attendance median incomes as reported by the US Department of Education. Here are the details for how we […]

When Schools Use Child Protective Services As A Weapon Against Parents

Teachers and school employees are required to report suspicions of child abuse to authorities. But sometimes schools misuse this authority to punish parents. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Betsy DeVos’ New Title IX Guidelines Prioritize Schools Over Sexual Assault Survivors

The Education Department just proposed guidelines to the civil rights law that would drastically change the way schools handle sexual misconduct. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

The dean of Duke Fuqua looks specifically for candidates with ‘triple threat capabilities’ that don’t come naturally to everyone

Bill Boulding is the dean of Duke University Fuqua School of Business. He said he’s looking for students who display “triple threat capability leadership,” meaning they’re smart, sensitive, and decent people. But these abilities don’t come naturally to everyone, so Fuqua has to be selective […]

6 steps to ace a college interview, according to an expert who worked in Ivy League admissions

Dr. Shirag Shemmassian is a former Cornell admissions interviewer and a college admissions expert. After years of helping hundreds of students get into top schools such as Harvard and Princeton, he’s able to offer his best college interview tips. For one thing, he writes, families […]

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