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Currency war erupts, threatening to ripple across global markets

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index fell as much as 0.8 percent Friday, the most since March. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

Uber just hinted it could be in serious trouble if it doesn’t conquer the market for electric bikes and scooters

Since February, Uber users have been able to book an electric bike through the app. Now the bikes are taking a big chunk out of Uber’s core car-ride business. An Uber employee published early results of an analysis showing that it booked 10% fewer rides […]

Canadian agriculture ministers briefed on trade-war contingency plan

Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay emphasized the importance of the provinces working together as an escalating trade war with the United States puts some farmers on edge. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

These four charts show how Facebook’s business is changing thanks to Instagram (FB)

Instagram is becoming a big hit with advertisers. It’s not hard to understand why — the number of ad impressions it’s delivering is surging, as is the traffic it’s sending advertisers’ way. As a result, advertisers’ are upping their Instagram budgets. Facebook’s $1 billion bet […]

The perfect way to start an email — and 29 greetings you should usually avoid

The perfect way to start an email, especially when you’re writing to a stranger, is to keep it simple. Email greetings you should avoid are ones that could be construed as too casual, too formal, and even insulting. Here’s how to start an email the […]

Pipeline protesters say they’re willing to defy eviction notice

Protesters at an anti-pipeline camp in Burnaby, B.C., say they are ready to defy an eviction notice handed out from the city. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Sanctions are crippling North Korea’s economy

North Korea’s economy saw its sharpest decline in two decades last year. The United Nations tightened sanctions against the country in August. The sanctions look poised to remain in place until North Korea makes moves toward denuclearization. The North Korean economy saw its steepest decline […]

Ottawa says Japan has resumed Canadian wheat imports after temporary suspension

Ottawa says Japan has ended its temporary suspension of Canadian wheat imports. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

The Moral And Business Need For Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace

By Amanda Sourry, president, Unilever North America We live in a fast-changing and highly complex world. The profile of our read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

‘Institutions are going to look for something like this’: Crypto companies are working with the Big Four to get Wall Street to trust them

2 of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms are helping crypto startups shake-off their scrappy roots with a little-known tech audit. BitGo, a crypto custody shop, is one of the first firms to complete a so-called SOC2 audit, which shows its systems meet Deloitte’s standards. Other […]

The CEO of the first marijuana company to IPO in the US reveals why this was the right time to go public

Tilray, a Canadian company, became the first marijuana producer to IPO on a US-based exchange. The company’s shares soared on its first day of trading on the Nasdaq, an indication that public markets are bullish on pot. Tilray CEO Brendan Kennedy told Business Insider in […]

Here’s where you can legally consume marijuana in the US in 2018

The United States is gradually becoming the land of the red, white, and green. Nine states and Washington, DC, have legalized marijuana for recreational use for adults over the age of 21. Medical marijuana is legal in another 30 states after voters in Oklahoma approved […]

The FDA just approved a new cancer drug that’s part of a groundbreaking approach to tackling the disease (AGIO)

The FDA just approved a new drug to treat a form of blood cancer. It’s the second approval in about a decade for Agios Pharmaceuticals, a company that got its start in 2008. The company makes drugs that essentially try to repair cancer cells so […]

Loonie moves up as inflation ticks higher, TSX moves lower at late-morning

The loonie surged higher after Statistics Canada reported the annual inflation rate in June hit its highest mark in more than six years, while Canada’s main stock index lost ground. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Rupee weakening on relapsing macro vulnerability: Will it slow down growth?

It is concerning that the current account deficit (CAD) spiked to 1.9 per cent of GDP in FY18. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

Billionaires are paying as much as $23 million a piece for the latest ultra-wealthy status symbol: Citizenship in a foreign country

Extremely wealthy people are paying as much as $23 million to purchase secondary citizenship in a foreign company, Bloomberg reports. For some, a second passport is a status symbol. For others, it’s about security and opportunity. Yachts, sports cars, and sprawling mansions have long been […]

Markets Don’t Care About Trump’s Trade Tweets

The Goldman Sachs team found that hat there was no obvious relationship between the Twitter mentions and the volatility index. read more >>> Source:: HuffingtonPost.Com

Boost to Canada Child Benefit comes into effect

If you are eligible for the Canada Child Benefit program, your monthly payment could soon be increasing. Effective Friday, the federal tax break is being indexed to inflation, which means an increase to keep up with the growing cost of living. read more >>> Source:: […]

This Old West ghost town in California just sold for $1.4 million—take a look around

Near Death Valley, Cerro Gordo was first mined for silver in 1865. Take a look inside. read more >>> Source:: CNBC.Com

These 10 American colleges have minted more than 500 billionaires, including Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, and the founders of Google

Billionaires don’t all follow the same path to success, but some of them look pretty similar. Of the world’s 2,754 billionaires, more than 560 hold an undergraduate or graduate degree from one of 10 American colleges. Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, and the founders of Google […]

Trump accuses China and EU of currency manipulation

The comments, plus Trump’s criticism of Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, sent the dollar tumbling read more >>> Source:: EuroNews.Com

Forex reserves continue to fall; down $734.5 mn to $405.07 bn

Gold reserves increased by $75.4 million to $21.115 billion in the reporting week. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

Inflation rises 2.5 per cent thanks to boost from higher energy prices

The country’s annual inflation rate rose to 2.5 per cent in June as consumer prices grew at their fastest pace in more than six years, Statistics Canada said in a report Friday. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Here’s the salary you need to live in the country’s priciest ZIP codes

Ready to rub elbows with the upper crust in Greenwich or Beverly Hills? Here’s what it takes to live in the country’s priciest towns. read more >>> Source:: CNBC.Com

Markets drop after Trump said he’s ‘ready to go’ on tariffs for $500 billion of Chinese goods

Trump said he is willing to escalate the current tariffs on China from $34 billion to $500 billion. Markets around the world dropped after the comments. Traders are afraid we’re heading for a full-blown global trade war. You can follow global market developments at Markets […]

Trumps imported car tariffs are under fire

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is considering tariffs of up to 25% on imported cars and parts. A report by the Peterson Institute for International Economics estimates tariffs would kill around 200,000 U.S. jobs over a one-to-three-year period read more >>> Source:: EuroNews.Com

The ‘world’s biggest legal-pot dealer’ talks about taking his company public and the future of weed (CGC)

Canopy Growth became the first marijuana stock to trade on the New York Stock Exchange, quickly racking up a market value of nearly $6 billion. Business Insider spoke with its CEO, Bruce Linton, about what’s changed since he entered the industry nearly a decade ago. […]

New Rs 100 bill carries a Rs 100-crore price tag

Most banks are yet to complete recalibration of all ATMs. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com® Updates Make Searches More Seamless

The site launched several enhancements this week to improve load times and enable side-by-side listing comparisons, among other items. read more >>> Source::

LiveRamp is one of Silicon Valley’s most undervalued companies—and insiders think there could be a ‘food fight’ by potential acquirers (ACXM)

Tech and advertising types alike are dying to know what will become of LiveRamp, a marketing tech business that recently parted ways with fellow portfolio companies under Acxiom. Some insiders think it could get acquired by a marketing platform company like Salesforce or Oracle, especially […]

Rupee hits fresh record low of 69.12 against dollar

The local currency opened 4 paise up at 69.01 against the greenback. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

B.C. delays ride-hailing again, draws ire of Greens

The British Columbia government says it will ease into allowing ride-hailing services, laying the groundwork for new rides to enter the market as early as the fall of 2019. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Dollar on defensive against yen, euro after Trump comments

A strong currency tends to make a country’s exports more expensive. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

E-House comes to market in Hong Kong

The property services firm might be a fairly attractive story, but there are also points of concern to take into account, says Peter Churchouse at Portwood Capital. read more >>> Source:: CNBC.Com

Big move for Big Bird: Sesame Street is entering classrooms

Sesame Street is taking its beloved, critically acclaimed brand of educational television into the highly profitable world of classroom curriculum. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Celebrated Wall Street stock picker Mark Mahaney offers his best tech investing advice: When a company name becomes a verb, it’s time to buy (GOOG, GOOGL, TWTR)

One of the most accurate stock pickers on Wall Street recently shared his list of tips on how to spot winners and losers. While many investors are focused on young companies before they boom, he offered some surprising advice on a better time to buy. […]

Aimia to launch Aeroplan charter airline after end of Air Canada partnership

Aeroplan aims to get into the airline business by offering charter flights to its most popular destinations as the loyalty program prepares for the end of its exclusive partnership with Air Canada in 2020. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Trump’s stunning comments about the Federal Reserve could actually backfire

President Donald Trump broke a multi-decade tradition by weighing in on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. Trump said he is “not thrilled” about the Fed’s recent interest rate hikes. His comments drew concern that Trump was trying to put political pressure on the Fed. But […]

Google’s reporting is becoming too murky to accurately value the company’s financial performance, worries this Wall Street analyst (GOOGL, GOOG)

Ben Schachter, senior analyst at Macquarie Research, says Google withholds too much information and that this trend has begun to make it more and more difficult to evaluate the company’ financial performance. Schachter also stood out from other analysts for advising caution when it comes […]

LARRY SUMMERS: Trump just took another step toward turning the US into a ‘banana republic’

President Donald Trump told CNBC that he’s not happy with the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes, challenging central-bank independence and sending the US dollar lower. Former Obama economic adviser Larry Summers says the comments are “one more step in what seems like a presidential strategy […]

Student, senior, storage real estate could withstand Fed’s interest rates

Chris Merrill, Harrison Street Real Estate CEO, discusses the impact the Federal Reserve could have on the real estate industry if it continues to raise interest rates. read more >>> Source:: CNBC.Com

Canadian marijuana company Tilray has first U.S. pot IPO

A Canadian company is the first marijuana business to complete an initial public offering on a major U.S. stock exchange, raising $153 million to expand its operations as Canada prepares to legalize the drug nationwide. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Sky is the limit for Comcast after it walks away from 21st Centry Fox bid

Comcast has abandoned its pursuit of 21st Century Fox’s film and television assets, leaving Disney in pole position as the sole bidder. It said it would focus its attention on buying Sky instead. read more >>> Source:: EuroNews.Com

Amazon, JPMorgan, and BlackRock are all snapping up space in the new $25 billion Manhattan neighborhood that’s reshaping the city

Tech and financial firms are increasingly moving to Hudson Yards and the surrounding area. The $25 billion neighborhood is the most expensive real-estate development in American history. Hudson Yards’ tallest tower topped out this week. The ritzy new neighborhood is part of a larger luxury […]

Luxury London homes are being sold in bulk as demand drops

London’s luxury developers are selling off homes in bulk to corporate landlords after a drop in demand for expensive new-build homes among individual buyers, the Financial Times reports. read more >>> Source:: CNBC.Com

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