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Millennials are waiting longer than ever to buy homes — here’s how many years it takes to save for a down payment in 25 major US cities

Homeownership is at an all-time record low among millennials. It can take nearly a decade to save money for a 20% down payment on a house in some cities, reveals a SmartAsset report. California homebuyers need to save money the longest, while Texas homebuyers require […]

EU launches probe of Apple’s takeover of digital app Shazam

The European Union is opening an investigation into Apple’s acquisition of song-recognition app Shazam to make sure it doesn’t limit consumer choice too much. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

VW’s Electrify America teams up with Walmart and Target to tackle the biggest challenge for electric cars (WMT, TGT)

VW Group’s Electrify America is rolling out an ambitious plan to partner with retail companies and developers to bring fast charging for electric vehicles to more locations. The company is joining with Walmart and Target. 2,000 individual fast-chargers will be installed. We’ve tested numerous electric […]

Insider trading trial begins against former Amaya CEO David Baazov

An insider trading trial against former Amaya CEO David Baazov and his co-accused that is expected to last until fall got underway this morning in Quebec court. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Minnesota judge to rule on Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 project

An administrative law judge is due Monday to recommend whether Minnesota regulators should approve Enbridge Energy’s proposal for replacing its aging Line 3 crude oil pipeline across northern Minnesota. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Kanye West praises Elon Musk, says his Tesla is the ‘funnest’ car he’s ever driven (TSLA)

On Sunday, Kanye West praised Elon Musk and Tesla on Twitter, calling his Tesla vehicle “the funnest car I’ve ever driven.” West didn’t specify which vehicle he was referring to, but earlier this month, Platinum Motorsports posted photos on Instagram of a Model S luxury […]

US existing home sales post 2-month growth streak in March, but remain below year-ago levels

The second straight month of growth suggests that buyers are unfazed by the shrinking number of available properties. read more >>> Source:: CNBC.Com

A biotech company’s farthest-along drug just failed a key trial — and the stock is plummeting (PRTA)

Biotech company Prothena said on Monday that its drug to treat AL Amyloidosis, a rare disease in which amyloid protein builds up in the body and disrupts organ function, failed a key trial. The drug, NEOD001, failed a phase 2 trial, and the company decided […]

HRW: ‘Men only’ job ads show ongoing discrimination in China

Gender discrimination is widespread in the Chinese workforce, a human rights group said Monday, with many hiring advertisements openly calling only for male applicants and using the attractiveness of female co-workers as a draw. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

The 10-year is getting really close to the key 3% level

The 10-year yield is up 2 basis points at 2.98%. It hasn’t touched 3% since January 2014. Wall Street has been watching the 3% level closely, because a breakout above that level could hurt stocks. The 10-year yield is closing in on the key 3% […]

Here’s what explains tight money supply condition & rupee’s free fall

Going forward, Indian market is going to be impacted strongly by liquidity stance. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

Bitcoin Cash has risen 80% over the last week

Bitcoin Cash is up 17% against the dollar on Monday. The cryptocurrency has risen 80% over the last seven days. An upcoming ‘fork’ of the currency — a change to its underlying code — appears to be supporting the price rally. Follow the live Bitcoin […]

GM, Korean union reach tentative agreement on wages, workers

General Motors said Monday that it has reached a tentative agreement with its South Korean labour union on measures to cut costs and allocate new car models to GM Korea factories. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Rupee in a spot of bother, sinks 34 paise to 66.46

Buying of the American currency by banks and importers gave the dollar more strength. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

Federal environment minister defends BP Canada’s Nova Scotia drill plan

Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna is defending BP Canada’s plans to drill an exploration well roughly 330 kilometres off the coast of Halifax. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

WORLD BANK: Workers should ditch minimum wage to compete with robot labour

The World Bank has suggested employers should be able to opt out of paying minimum wage, in a draft report released Friday. It recommended that labour markets should be further deregulated, creating more flexible employment. Owen Tudor, Head of International Relations at the International Trade […]

Inside a Japanese pod hotel

It’s small but swanky. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi heads to Japan to experience one of many growing posh pod hotels. read more >>> Source:: CNBC.Com

Pre-election blues? Rupee slides again

The rupee has often depreciated against the dollar in a period of 12 months prior to the general elections. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

10 things you need to know in markets today

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know on Monday. 1. Swiss banking giant UBS saw its profits jump 19% in the first quarter of the year, boosted by strong equity trading activity. UBS reported a net profit of 1.5 billion Swiss francs ($1.54 billion) […]

Asian shares mostly lower as investors give muted reaction to nuclear testing talk

Shares were mostly lower in Asia on Monday following Friday’s steep slide in technology shares on Wall Street. Markets had only a muted reaction, if any, to North Korea’s announcement that it would stop nuclear and missile testing. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Rupee starts 8 paise down at 66.20 against dollar

Buying of the American currency by banks and importers gave the dollar more strength. read more >>> Source:: EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes.Com

Top brands declare war with e-commerce giant Alibaba

Companies are complaining that Alibaba punished them after they refused to enter exclusive partnerships with the e-commerce giant. Five major consumer brands tell the Associated Press that after they rebuffed Alibaba, traffic to their products fell, hurting online sales. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

How JPMorgan’s CIO decides which startups to partner with, which to invest in, and which to outright buy (JPM)

JPMorgan Chase is a giant on Wall Street, but it’s also very engaged with the smaller players in the fintech world. The bank paid over $220 million to buy WePay in October, and led a $100 million investment in weeks before that. CIO Lori […]

Tesla’s problems are mounting — here’s everything that has gone wrong so far this year (TSLA)

Tesla has a history of proving its doubters wrong, but over the last few months, the automaker has faced a number of challenges. From missed production targets to questions about its financial health, Tesla may be at an inflection point. Whether Tesla can overcome recent […]

‘We’re innovating at the cusp of a whole new ecosystem’: A former Goldman Sachs exec explains why she made the leap to blockchain

Breanne Madigan spent 13 years at Goldman Sachs. Now she’s joining the financial technology startup Blockchain as its head of institutional sales and strategies. She told Business Insider that she was interested in blockchains and cryptocurrencies because, she believes, they will “completely reengineer the way […]

AI IN BANKING AND PAYMENTS: How artificial intelligence is cutting costs, building loyalty, and enhancing security across financial services

This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most commonly referenced terms by financial institutions (FIs) and payments firms when […]

‘The market is robust:’ Goldman Sachs-backed Circle doubles minimum bitcoin trade size to $500,000

Circle Trade, the trading operation of Circle, has increased its minimum ticket size on bitcoin trades to $500,000. The move comes during a trading lull in the market for digital currencies across crypto exchange venues. Chief executive Jeremy Allaire told Business Insider the size of […]

The market is stuck in a traffic jam — so Goldman Sachs has picked 14 stocks set to break the gridlock by exploding higher

There’s gridlock in the US equity market, with intra-stock correlations sitting close to their highest level on record. Goldman Sachs has identified 14 stocks that are operating with a mind of their own and seem to offer a big upside. Stocks in the US market […]

‘A Quiet Place’ continues to amaze by winning the weekend box office again, while the new Amy Schumer movie and ‘Super Troopers 2’ perform better than expected

Paramount’s “A Quiet Place” is back on top of the domestic box office with $22 million this weekend. It’s now made $132 million domestically (with only a $17 million budget). “I Feel Pretty” ($16.2 million) and “Super Troopers 2” ($14.7 million) had solid opening weekends. […]

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week

Restaurant Brands International Inc. discusses first-quarter results on Tuesday. Shares for the parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons have fallen to their lowest point since February 2017. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

Inflation just over 2 per cent for this year will be ‘a positive thing’: Poloz

Canada’s central bank governor says inflation will likely hover just above the historic target of two per cent for this entire year, but he’s comfortable with that because the longer-term trendline is steady. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

The average American’s annual food waste, water use, energy consumption, garbage, and carbon emissions in 1 simple chart

The United States comprises about 5% of the world’s population. However, Americans consume an far more than that share of the world’s food, water, and energy. They also generate a lot of emissions and garbage in the process. In honor of Earth Day, a revealing […]

China’s ZTE seeking a solution to U.S. tech ban

ZTE Corp., one of China’s biggest tech companies, said Sunday that it is taking steps to comply with a U.S. technology ban and that it is seeking a solution to the issue it says threatens its survival. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

One popular trade is stuck in its worst stretch in 35 years — but Morgan Stanley has the perfect strategy for a big comeback

A trade that was formerly very popular with long-term investors has delivered two straight quarters of negative total return for the first time since 1973. Morgan Stanley sees the trade as set for a comeback, and says it has a strategy that’s perfect for playing […]

Someone transferred $99 million in litecoin — and it only cost them $0.40 in fees

$99 million worth of litecoin was sent in a single trade on Thursday. The transaction took just two-and-a-half minutes to clear and cost only $0.40 in fees. Crypto bulls are pointing to the trade as evidence that cryptocurrency is better for sending money than traditional […]

A Wall Street analyst thinks he’s figured out the real price Netflix would need to charge to break even — and he says it would destroy the company’s growth (NFLX)

The Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter on Tuesday reiterated his “underperform” rating on Netflix’s shares. His bearish view comes despite the company’s earnings report Monday that said it added about 1 million more subscribers in the first quarter than analysts had expected. Pachter is concerned about […]

8 things you probably never knew about Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-lived and longest-reigning British monarch in history. She’s ruled over the United Kingdom as a constitutional monarch since her 1953 coronation. The queen and her family are frequently in the news — but there are some facts about Queen Elizabeth […]

BP Canada given the go-ahead to start drilling off the Nova Scotia coast

Nova Scotia’s offshore petroleum regulator has granted BP Canada Energy Group approval to begin drilling a well off the province’s coast. read more >>> Source:: CTVNews.Ca

BANK OF AMERICA: Market bulls have been ‘silenced’ — but there are 2 big reasons they refuse to give up on stocks

Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s fund-manager survey shows a handful of statistics suggesting bullish sentiment has been tempered. Yet the stock market continues to climb higher, and BAML sees two reasons investors are so reluctant to throw in the towel. As the stock market has […]

There’s a science-backed treatment for drug addiction that works — but it’s nearly impossible to get

The death toll from the opioids epidemic continues to soar. Experts say we already have a science-backed treatment that works: medication-assisted treatment, or MAT. The problem, however, is that very few people can get it. The death toll from the opioids epidemic continues to soar […]

GOLDMAN SACHS: A steadfast source of stock market turmoil is poised to make a comeback

There’s been no shortage of news to scare investors this year, from US trade policy to interest rates. And now, Goldman Sachs’ equity strategists have flagged another source of volatility that’s set to be amplified in the coming months. Nearly halfway into 2018, it’s become […]

2018 could end up being a great year for the UK economy — here’s why

UK economic growth could pick up much more sharply than expected by the end of 2018, according to Mike Bell, a global market strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management. That’s because Bell expects inflation to fall quicker than most people expect, while wage growth will continue […]

Goldman Sachs’ top oil gurus lay out a completely different take than Trump has on where prices should be

President Donald Trump lashed out at OPEC on Friday, tweeting that oil prices were “artificially very high” after oil rose to a three-year high on Thursday. Saudi Arabia is said to be targeting $80 a barrel. In a note, commodity strategists at Goldman Sachs laid […]

We took a 1,000-horsepower electric luxury sedan for a spin on the streets of Silicon Valley

We have driven, reported on, road-tripped, and talked about our fair share of electric and hybrid vehicles at Business Insider. These are exciting times for a technology that was born more than 100 years ago, but only started to gain steam in the last 20 […]

Automakers are facing an unprecedented shift in the industry — and it’s great news for consumers

The auto industry is usually thought of as a cyclical business, but the current US sales boom has lasted longer than expected. This has enabled a novel period of long-term strategic planning. “The auto industry is cyclical.” You hear that all the time in the […]

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