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Take a closer look at the Cruise Origin — a fully self-driving vehicle manufactured by GM that doesn’t have a steering wheel and would never need a human operator (GM)

Cruise Origin in SF's Castro District

  • Self-driving startup Cruise revealed its fully-autonomous, all-electric vehicle this week in San Francisco. CEO Dan Ammann and CTO and cofounder Kyle Vogt were on hand to present the car, which is production-ready.
  • The Origin has multiple sensor arrays, is designed to operate 24/7, and could last for 1 million miles. The design features multiple screens and a pair of facing bench seats, with seating for six and lots of legroom. It also has minivan-style sliding doors.
  • The platform was developed by Cruise, GM, and Honda. Ammann said that the Origin is no concept vehicle — it’s ready to be manufactured at a read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com