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The battle between Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ and Disney Plus’ ‘The Mandalorian’ previews what’s to come in the streaming war

the witcher

  • “The Witcher” surpassed “The Mandalorian” as the most in-demand streaming series over the past week, according to data provided to Business Insider by Parrot Analytics.
  • That turned the tables from the week before, when “The Mandalorian” passed “The Witcher,” locking the two shows in a streaming battle.
  • “The Witcher” is still the most in-demand series globally a month after it premiered.
  • This new data suggests that Netflix’s binge-release model can sustain interest in the face of increased competition.
  • A Parrot Analytics representative told Business Insider that the demand for “The Mandalorian” was “fading faster than demand for ‘The Witcher.'”
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    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com