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The CEO of $24 billion Adyen oversaw Europe’s most successful recent tech IPO. Here’s why he’s still hiring builders and not optimizers. (ADYEN)

Pieter van der Does Adyen

  • Payments company Adyen is one of Europe’s newest big success stories in tech after a successful IPO in 2018. It is now worth $24 billion.
  • The company processes payments for clients including Netflix, Uber, and Facebook, and counts Stripe and among its competitors.
  • Despite the company’s success, its longtime CEO and cofounder Pieter van der Does wants to keep a “startup mindset” at the firm to ensure it continues building on its existing performance.
  • The company’s office walls are plastered with the eight-point “Adyen Formula”, a series of mottos and touchpoints designed to keep employees on track even as the firm read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com