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The Queen and Princess Diana’s bra-fitter has been stripped of its royal warrant after its former owner revealed royal secrets in a tell-all memoir

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  • Luxurious lingerie company Rigby & Peller has been popular with the female members of the royal family for 57 years.
  • But when the former owner published personal accounts of the royal family in her memoirs, the company was stripped of its royal warrant.
  • June Kenton compared one of the Queen’s personal apartments at the Palace to “an old-fashioned dentist’s waiting room.”

When June Kenton and her husband Harold bought Rigby & Keller in 1982, the luxurious lingerie brand already had a long clientele list of “Ladies with a capital L” and “the aristocratic creme de la creme” — not to mention a read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com