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The ‘Warren Buffett of bonds’ says the credit cycle has moved ‘past midnight’ — and explains why he’s alarmed about the riskiest corner of the corporate debt market

Dan Fuss

  • Dan Fuss, the long-time manager of Loomis Sayles’ flagship bond fund, is worried about the riskiest corner of the corporate-debt market.
  • In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, Fuss discussed his concerns about the $1.4 trillion leveraged-loan market that services companies with the weakest credit ratings.
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“If you think of the credit cycle being a clock, we’ve gone past midnight.”

That’s according to Dan Fuss, who is referred to as the “Warren Buffett of bonds” because of his Loomis Sayles fund’s track record of outperforming the market and producing above-average returns. The read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com