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The WeWork fiasco is making employees wonder if their shares have been set on fire. We talked to experts who said most tech startup workers are in the dark about how much their equity is worth.

Adam Neumann

  • WeWork has indefinitely postponed its IPO, and according to media reports may run out of cash by next month.
  • If the company still eventually goes public, but at a lower valuation than previously expected, it will pay back its preferred shareholders first, leaving close to nothing for employees.
  • In the event of a bankruptcy and liquidation, employees also get paid last.
  • Employees at other tech startups may be starting to question their decisions.
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“It’s great to be part of a high-flying company. Until it’s not.”

That’s according to venture capitalist Greg Robinson. As managing director at <a target="_blank" read more >>>

Source:: BusinessInsider.Com