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This year’s unicorn IPO flops uncovered a huge culture clash between private and public markets, and a top tech banker warns that the growth-at-all-costs mentality won’t cut it anymore

Aryeh Bourkoff

  • LionTree founder Aryeh Bourkoff said the market isn’t closed to startup IPOs, even after a string of disappointing performances this year, but investors aren’t keen on companies with a “growth at all costs” mentality.
  • In an annual letter to staff obtained by Business Insider, Bourkoff wrote about the disconnect between the public and private markets.
  • That’s not a bad change, he said: startups will have to strengthen their business models and improve corporate governance, which leads to “more predictable outcomes for stakeholders.”
  • But Bourkoff said the IPO market is still open — in particular, for private equity-driven companies and exits read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com