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US, North Korea Allude to War Ahead of Pyongyang’s Deadline

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, in…

The United States and North Korea are resorting to alluded threats of force ahead of Pyongyang’s end-of-year deadline for progress with nuclear negotiations.

Pak Jong Chon, head of the Korean People’s Army (KPA), threatened to reciprocate any U.S. military action with force in a statement he made to North Korean state media Wednesday. The statement was a direct response to comments made by President Trump, who alluded to using military force against North Korea if necessary.

“One thing I would like to make clear is that the use of armed forces is not the privilege of the U.S. only,” Pak reportedly said read more >>>

Source:: VOANews.Com