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Venezuelan Opposition Group Ends Occupation of Embassy in Brazil

Supporters of Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido record a video from the grounds of the Venezuelan embassy in Brasilia,…

Backers of Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido left the country’s embassy in Brasilia on Wednesday, after a tense 11-hour standoff that created a diplomatic embarrassment for Brazil’s right wing government.

Brazil’s foreign ministry said a diplomat it sent to mediate a peaceful end to the dispute managed to convince the group of 10 people to leave the mission.

Representatives of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro later regained access to the building, creating a tricky situation for Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, who has recognized Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

The incident caused scuffles outside the embassy in an embarrassment for Brazil’s government as read more >>>

Source:: VOANews.Com