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We identified the 20 most powerful people in Bank of America’s equities division. Here’s our exclusive org chart.

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  • Business Insider is mapping out the power structure in the global banking and markets businesses overseen by Bank of America Merrill Lynch Chief Operating Officer Tom Montag — one of the most powerful executives on Wall Street.
  • Of the three major investment-banking groups, equities is the smallest, accounting for $4.5 billion in revenue last year.
  • It’s also more shrouded in mystery. Unlike the fixed-income trading group, the stock-trading unit has one primary power broker: Fabrizio Gallo, who is one of the longest-tenured division heads in Montag’s world.
  • Along with Gallo, our equities organizational chart for Bank of America Merrill Lynch features more read more >>>

    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com