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Who Is Jeffrey Epstein? Accused Sex Trafficker Is an Enigma

A view of Little St. James Island, in the U. S. Virgin Islands, a property owned by Jeffrey Epstein, July 9, 2019.

Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy American financier, was charged this week with child sex trafficking and alleged abuse of dozens of girls as young as 14.

Despite living a life of private jets, celebrity friends and private islands, Epstein remains an enigma.

In a profile published in 2002, New York Magazine called Epstein an “international moneyman of mystery.”

Author James Patterson, who has written a book about Epstein, called him “a total mystery person.”

On CBS News, Patterson compared Epstein to author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character Jay Gatsby: an impenetrable rich man who “liked to be around famous people and he liked to throw parties.”

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