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‘Baghdad Beatle’ Celebrates 55-Year Career With Special Concert

Attendees of the private concert are seen dancing to the music of Al-Madfai.

Famed Iraqi musician Ilham al-Madfai hosted a private concert in the Atlanta, Georgia, suburb of Duluth recently to mark 55 years of performing. 

Al-Madfai is a guitarist, singer and composer who combines Western guitar styling with traditional Iraqi music. His Western-inspired songwriting prompted his nickname, “The Baghdad Beatle.”

His music is popular across the Arab world, as was reflected in the crowd of Algerians, Syrians, Egyptians and Iraqis at his Duluth show.

“I fought so hard to be here,” said Nura Khuffash, a Georgia resident at the invitation-only concert.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and upheaval in the Middle East, the small concert provided an details ⇒

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