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Burkina Faso Rapper-Turned-Farmer Rhymes on Climate Change

A man herds his goats at a goat fair in the village of Samba, Passore province, northern Burkina Faso, March 29, 2016.     …

Africa’s Sahel region is seeing the worst effects of climate warming anywhere on the planet, according to the United Nations.

Farmers bear the brunt of the changes because 80% of the Sahel’s economy is agrarian.    

Art Melody, a musician in Burkina Faso who raps in the local Djula and Moore languages, knows from experience the negative impact on farm production because he is a farmer himself. His songs convey the fear and emotion felt by millions of people across the region because of the impact of global warming.   

Art Melody says his grandparents have told him the rainy season used details ⇒

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