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Effort to Return Benin Bronzes to Africa Remains Ongoing Challenge

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY FLORIAN PLAUCHEURSteve Dunstone, of the Richard Lander Society, holds two bronze artefacts taken away…

The promise to return several Benin Bronzes from three Western institutions to the former Kingdom of Benin in Nigeria was celebrated by many. But returning all the artifacts looted by British soldiers 125 years ago will continue to be a challenge.

In recent weeks, a university in Scotland and museums in Germany and Britain pledged to repatriate the Benin Bronzes they own.   

The restitution is hugely symbolic to Timothy Awoyemi, a British-born Nigerian who helped repatriate two Benin Bronzes in 2014 from a private collector whose grandfather had been part of the 19th century looting. Awoyemi says he was elated when he details ⇒

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