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For-profit college debt strikers plead with Obama to discharge their loans: ‘Don’t leave us at the mercy of President Trump’

Ryan Shirley Heald Corinthian College Student For Profit

In early 2015, 15 students at Corinthian Colleges, then one of the largest for-profit college chains, formed a group called the Corinthian 15 and pledged to strike until their student loans were discharged.

Corinthian Colleges shuttered its doors just months later, displacing roughly 16,000 students.

Today, as a part of the organization called the Debt Collective, they are a more than 1000-person cohort on strike — with students from for-profits around the US including former ITT Tech students (which closed in September) — claiming their for-profits colleges used manipulative financial tactics while providing them with a subpar education.

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Source:: BusinessInsider.Com