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How a Fake FBI-Encrypted Device Ensnared Criminals Around the World

An illustration picture shows the ANoM logo displayed on the screen of an smartphone on june 8, 2021 in Paris. - Some 250…

The global sting operation billed as “Trojan Shield” that led to the arrests of hundreds of criminals this week began with the takedown of an encrypted device maker catering to drug traffickers around the world.  

In 2018, the FBI dismantled Canada-based Phantom Secure, forcing its customers — at the time estimated at more than 10,000 — to look for other encrypted apps.   

To fill the void, the FBI in late 2019 recruited a “confidential human source” to launch its own hardened encrypted device company called ANOM, putting a new, secure communications product on the market. The informant in turn introduced details ⇒

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