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‘None of us is’ or ‘none of us are’? When Nicole Kidman’s character in HBO’s ‘The Undoing’ got grammar-checked by her British mother-in-law

Nicole Kidman in The Undoing HBO

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Viewers like me might’ve cringed last Sunday watching HBO’s “The Undoing” and hearing Nicole Kidman’s character be corrected by her British mother-in-law for saying “none of us are” instead of “none of us is.”

Toward the end of the series’ fifth episode, “Trial by Fury,” I sat up, not because of anything gruesome, like the bludgeoning of Elena Alves (played by Matilda De Angelis) in episode one, but because Janet Fraser (Rosemary Harris) was trying to school Grace Fraser (Kidman) not in forensic science but in grammar. Drama!

Some context is in order: Janet is married details ⇒

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