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The founder of a $3 billion tech company warns: ‘Don’t go to business school. Everything you’re taught in business school is wrong.’ (ZUO)

Tien Tzuo CEO speaking at Subscribed

  • The subscription business model is all the rage these days, and for good reason.
  • Done well, subscriptions create loyal customers and long-term cash flow.
  • But hardly anyone knows how to do them well, and business schools haven’t caught up in how to teach them, says Tien Tzuo, an early Salesforce employee who recently took his own cloud software company public.
  • There are some straightforward ways to avoid the pitfalls.

The business world is undergoing a sea change these days as the idea of “ownership” is being replaced by the idea of sharing, says Tien Tzuo, CEO and cofounder of Zuora.

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Source:: BusinessInsider.Com