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The University of Miami just invested $3.7 million in a new campus-wide supercomputer, and it’s a case study in how higher education is changing in the age of big data

TRITON Supercomputer_13

  • Supercomputing involves connecting smaller computers to a larger processing network for more computing options and capabilities.
  • The University of Miami partnered with IBM this year for a $3.7 million update to the supercomputer it’s had in place since 2008.
  • The new system is eight to 10 times more powerful than the previous one.
  • Business Insider talked to Nicholas Tsinoremas, founder and director of the UM Center for Computational Science and UM’s vice provost for research computing and data, and Dave Turek, VP of IBM’s technical computing department, to better understand the effect of supercomputing on a university campus.
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    Source:: BusinessInsider.Com