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Collector’s Daughter Returning Artifacts to Cambodia

Cambodia's famed Angkor Wat ancient Hindu temple complex stands in Siem Reap province, some 230 kilometers (143 miles) northwest Phnom Penh, Cambodia, June 28, 2012.

After three years of negotiations with the late controversial art collector Douglas Latchford and his family, more than 100 Cambodian artifacts will be returned to Cambodia, according to the government.

How Latchford, a British art collector and co-author of three books on Cambodian art and antiques, built his collection was a topic of art world speculation. He faced accusations of trafficking the artifacts to his homes in Bangkok and London. In November 2019, federal prosecutors in New York City charged Latchford with falsifying the provenance, invoices and shipping documents to transport valuable Khmer-era relics to private collections, museums and auction houses details ⇒

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