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CRT is ‘responsible’ hedge against taxpayer risk: FHFA’s Thompson


Fannie Mae is unveiling its sixth Connecticut Avenue Series (CAS) credit-risk transfer deal of 2022, a $754.4 million note offering backed by a reference pool of single-family mortgages valued at $25 billion.

The offering is slated to close June 10, according to a presale review by the Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA). The latest transaction, CAS 2022-R06, involves a reference pool of 83,420 single-family mortgage loans. 

The states with the largest concentrations of mortgages in the reference loan pool for the credit-risk transfer (CRT) offering are California, 18.4%; Florida, 7.1%; Texas, 6.6%; Washington, 4.7%; and New York, 4.1%, according to details ⇒

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