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Here come European PMIs…

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron and Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel (R) pose for a family photo during a European Union leaders summit in Brussels, December 17, 2015. EU leaders are due to discuss on the migrant crisis and Cameron's demands for reform of the bloc ahead of a referendum he plans to hold by the end of 2017 on Britain's continued memebership.

It’s service sector PMI day in Europe, meaning we’re getting a snapshot of growth in the area across the continent.

The purchasing managers’ index from Markit gives an indication of whether service sectors are growing or contracting, giving a number between 0 and 100 to indicate just how fast or slow.

Anything above 50 signals growth — the higher the better — while below means contraction.

We’re also getting composite estimates for December growth in Germany, France, and Europe as a whole — in other words, how the economy did overall.

Here’s what we’ve got so far: