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The US doesn’t have enough homes for the number of people who want to buy them — and experts say relief might not come for a decade

An hour glass running out of time juxtaposed against models of homes, money, and a building crane.

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Rob Ettaro and Kaliana Veros have been house hunting outside Salt Lake City for months. In the winter, the couple fell in love with a $479,000 home in Midvale, Utah. They prepared their first offer carefully, offering $6,000 above the asking price.

The house ultimately sold to someone else — for $60,000 over asking. Yes, that’s another zero.

They went on to tour 70 houses and make 13 additional offers tens of thousands of dollars more than the list price, they told The New York Times last month. They still haven’t landed a home, and they’re details ⇒

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